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Binary AIM classification of individuals

You are entering our portal on SNP-Indel classification, hosting the Snipper App suite version 2.5. It is the companion site to several papers.

  • A new tool to predict age is
  • Inner calculations are now done in quadruple precision to better handle the case of a large number of
  • More precise density plots for the case of a large number of

Green colour in links means fixed training sets. On the other hand, red means custom training sets. Available tasks are:

Classification as Europe-East Asia-Africa-America-Oceania (34 SNPs, 46 Indels, or both sets)

Classification as individual having black-intermediate-white skin

Classification as individual having fair-dark or red-blond-brown-black hair

Classification as individual having blue-greenhazel-brown eyes

Classification with a custom Excel file of populations

Classification of multiple profiles with a custom Excel file of populations

Tune up your training/testing set

Classification with the 32 STR training set or a custom Excel file of frequencies

Thorough analysis of population data of a custom Excel file

Profile generator for fixed or custom training sets

Plot some or all the populations of a custom Excel file

We would like to give credit to our students Lorena Rodríguez and Ismael Rodríguez for their contributions to earlier Snipper implementations.

Last revision: July 2017