The Snipper 3

app suite

Excel format required

Snipper version history

Version 1 (2006)

  • Europe-East Asia-Africa-America-Oceania classification tool.
  • Population data analysis tool.

Version 1.5 (2007)

  • New custom Excel file profile classification tool.
  • New profile generator tool.
  • New Europe-East Asia-Africa-America-Oceania training sets.

Version 2 (2010)

  • Support for .xlsx Excel file format.
  • New multiple classification tool.
  • New frequency classifier tool.

Version 2.5 (2015)

  • New design training set tool.
  • New age prediction models.
  • Rewrite of Java applet (density plots) in R.
  • New skin, hair, and eye colour classifier tools.
  • Added Genetic Distance algoritm and MLR classifiers.
  • Added "using genotype frequencies" option to Naive Bayes classifier.
  • Added PCA graphics to multiple classifier.

Version 2.5b (2020)

  • New age prediction models.
  • New forensic MPS AIMs panel reference population sets.

Version 3 (2022)

  • New rewritten optimised classifiers.
  • Improved image resolution.
  • Improved training set design tool.
  • Anchor links in multiple classifier output for quicker navigation.
  • Updated AJAX interface.
  • New PCA graphics.
  • New 3D PCA graphics.
  • Microhaplotype support.
  • New header-clickable marker tables for provided training sets.
  • New downloadable offline code.
  • New age prediction models.
  • New and revised forensic MPS AIMs panel reference population sets.

Version 3b (February 2023)

  • New and revised forensic MPS AIMs panel reference population sets.
  • New tool to convert Snipper format to STRUCTURE format and back.

Version 3c (September 2023)

  • New age prediction model: cartilage, 3 CpGs, MiSeq.
  • New tissue prediction model: 8 CpGs, MiSeq.

We do not document minor revisions in detail as the Snipper suite has always been a work in progress where small improvements are introduced approximately every two weeks, based on feedback and various considerations.