The Snipper 2.5

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Excel format required

Help interpreting results?

Binary AIM classification of individuals
with an Excel file of populations (.xlsx format)

Step 1: Data input (population)

Select your local Excel file of populations in the required format. You can download a valid example file if necessary to clarify ideas, or use the input file generator wizard.

Step 2: Choose classifier

Naive Bayes (Hardy-Weinberg principle applies)

Naive Bayes (Hardy-Weinberg principle need not apply)

Multinomial logistic regression

Genetic distance algorithm

Step 3: Data input (individual)

Type the SNPs/Indels of the individual to classify in the area below. For instance, in the case of 32 SNPs we would expect you to type 64 bases upper or lowercase, something in the neighbourhood of


Another example: in the case of the above Excel example file stencil.xlsx, we would expect you to type 24 bases upper or lowercase, like this Nigerian profile:


Gaps must be entered as n or N (see above example).