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34-plex (previous) with rs727811

34-plex (revised) with rs3827760

46-plex AIM-Indels

80-plex AIM-Indels

Help interpreting results?

Binary AIM classification of individuals as
Europe-East Asia-Africa-America-Oceania (34 SNPs or 46 Indels or both)

Step 1: Choose marker set

34-plex (previous) with rs727811.

34-plex (revised) with rs3827760.

46-plex AIM-Indels.

80-plex AIM-Indels (all of the above).

Step 2: Choose populations

3 populations (Europe, East Asia, Africa).

4 populations (Europe, East Asia, Africa, America).

5 populations (Europe, East Asia, Africa, America, Oceania).

Step 3: Choose classifier

Naive Bayes (Hardy-Weinberg principle applies)

Naive Bayes (Hardy-Weinberg principle need not apply)

Multinomial logistic regression

Genetic distance algorithm

Step 4: Data input

Type either 34 SNPs or/and 46 Indels of the individual to classify as appropriate. For the required SNP/Indel (rs) numbers, see graphics on left. For instance, the following 34 SNP profile would be valid in the case of 34-plex (previous) with rs727811, and 3 populations:


and the following 46 Indel profile would also be valid in the case of 4 populations:


34 SNPs or/and 46 Indels for each individual as makes sense, 68 or 92 or 160 bases upper or lowercase.

Blanks will be removed. Gaps must be entered as n or N.